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For Comprehensive & Detailed Storage Tank Survey / Inspections
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3D Laser Scanners are equipped with built-in cameras that can capture accurate colorized geometry information that can be used to analyze the true shape and any deformation of a tank's structures.

Older measurement techniques required multiple measurements and a lot of time. 3D scanning of tanks makes this process faster and more accurate millions of measurement points in a single scanning.

The scanning software enables the merging of multiple point clouds into a single cohesive dataset, basic clean-up and organization, and a comprehensive and precise picture of the tank.

Once scanning data is imported and processed, the merged point cloud data can be used to examine the entire tank, leading to further assessment such as FFS and also recommendations for maintenance and repairs.

We compare the tank shell to true vertical reference to identify bulges or deformations that exceed a specified amount.

Similarly, on out-of-service tanks, where the interior is scanned, inspectors can get detailed maps of the tank bottom, using colour-coding to indicate bends or depressions.

Managing the area around a tank will be easier. With only a marginal increase in time on site, field operators can extend the scans to capture the surrounding ground and features.

Further analysis always requires more data collections. By having 3D laser scanning, additional data can always be extracted form point clouds without the need to send inspectors for additional data collections at site.

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Our Advanced 3D Laser Scanning Services Include:

  • Tank Shell Settlement Survey

  • Tank Shell Out-of-Roundness Inspection

  • Tank Shell Verticality / Plumbness & Deformation Inspections

  • Volume of Secondary Containment Survey

  • Tank Bottom Settlement Survey & Deformation Inspections

  • Column verticality / Plumbness Inspections

  • Tank Roof Deformation Inspection

  • Tank Calibration

  • API 653 Visual Inspections

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