Workplace Safety and Health Policy


International Refinery Solutions


believes that the well-being of employees at work and people affected by our work, is an utmost priority and must be considered at all times.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all interested parties, stakeholders and any other persons that are affected by the company’s operational activities, according to regulations, legislatives, code of practices and standards.


WSH Policy Statement


International Refinery Solutions endeavours to offer its employees a safe workplace by:


  • Complying with all applicable rules and regulations passed by Singapore WSH Council and authorized governmental agencies as enforced by the courts.

  • Take the practical steps necessary, and do all that is reasonable to provide and maintain (on a continuing basis) safe and healthful working conditions, to create awareness and prevent accidental injuries to (or occupational related illness of) employees, and to prevent environmental violations while protecting the interests of all.

  • Assigning the top ranking executive of the organization at each location with the direct responsibility, under this policy, for establishing and maintaining an active Safety, Health, and Environmental Program. Each employee shares responsibility for safety.

  • Staff the function of Workplace Safety & Health supervisors/coordinators of each site/department with competent, trained personnel who have the responsibility and authority to carry out an effective program of regulatory compliance.

  • WSH Policies will be reviewed by the Management and the Safety Committee in every 2 years or earlier as and when needed as to maintain and improve our Workplace Safety & Health quality.